ImageSuite 2.0 is a revolutionary imagery plugin that provides better, safer and faster imagery services with huge functionalities (V 1.0 sold 1000+ units on an in-house launch with a handful of affiliates). We have up to $1,500 in JV prizes!

Earn huge commissions during this special offer period.

Special Offer Launch:



  • Friday, 29th May
  • 9AM PST
  • 11AM EST
  • 4PM GMT

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$10K in prizes and happy customers.. what else?

NewsImageSuite V1.0 got over 100 positive reviews & 5-star ratings. V2.0 is revolutionry and better (this is HOT!)

Your customers will THANK YOU for ImageSuite 2.0

ImageSuite is an all-in-one imagery/graphics tool that lets your customers find free images, edit and upload them on their site without leaving their dashboard. This is the plugin that will solve your customers image sourcing and adapting needs... for their blogs, social media and the likes.

It literally takes seconds to find 1000s of HD images with ImageSuite and then completely adapt them to their feel and context.

... and your bank account too : )

ImageSuite is already proven to convert your traffic. We've got lost of testimonials and 5-star ratings which gives you all the social proof you need. We will be using a professionally written sales copy and field-tested sales funnel (see image on the left) which includes a simple upsell option for additional (irresistible) functionalities. And prior to launching various split tests will be run on a segment of our customer lists to maximize conversions on launch. Note that this pricing structure may vary as we split test traffic to maximize revenues.

You send us the traffic, we convert it

Throughout the launch we'll be running several events to push your buyers over the fence. Simultaneously, we will be actively retargeting leads across the web (Facebook, Adwords and others) and following up with customers who may not have purchased the upsells. Bottom line is: we'll help you make more money from traffic that might be otherwise lost.

New contest: $1,500 in prizes

New Contest... Closes Midnight Friday, 5th June, 2015

First Prize:             $1,000 (70 sales min)

Second Prize:         $300 (25 sales min)

Third Prize:            $200 (15 sales min)

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Do We Reciprocate?

We consistently do 100s of sales as affiliates...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWho is behind ImageSuite?

    YMB Properties is a graphic software company with hit products such as Infographics Presence, eBook Presence and Facebook Presence. We have sold well over 20,000 units of software products and have a track record of exceptional customer service.

  • q-iconDo we reciprocate?

    YMB Properties
    “We are dedicated to reciprocating mailings to the success of our partners. Check out some of our past promotion results here.”

  • q-iconCan I get review access? Can you help me set up a bonus page?

    For sure! Simply get in touch on Skype to request review access to ImageSuite 2.0. We can also help you set up a custom promotion pages branded with your name or company.

  • q-iconHow can I get in touch?

    Bertrand: Skype omassore
    Magnus: Skype ferdmagnd

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