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How To Install ImageSuite Plugin

How To Setup ImageSuite Plugin

Flickr +

1) Go to and click on Apply for your key online now.

2) Sign in using your Yahoo account (you might need to sign up for free if you don’t have one yet)

3) Type your new Flickr screen name and click the button that says CREATE MY ACCOUNT

4) After signing up to Flickr, visit the url and click on API Keys

5) Then click on create your first on the next screen

6) Click on Request an API Key


8) Now, fill in the form with the following details

App name: your website name

Description: I am connecting to the Flickr API so that I can directly access Flickr creative commons search from my WordPress blog.

9) Copy your Flickr API Key and paste into the space provided in the ImageSuite Settings page

Europeana +

1) Visit this url

2) Enter your email address on that page and click on Register for the API

3) Check your inbox for an email from Europeana and follow the instructions to complete your registration.

4) Now fill in the required form and you will get an API key immediately.

5) Copy and paste the Europeana API key in the space provided on the ImageSuite Settings page.

Instagram +

1) Visit this url

2) Click on the Login button by the top right of the page to login into your Instagram account

3) Click on the "Register A New Client" button and fill the form on the next page

4) After filling and submitting the form you will come to a page that has all the credentials you need including the client ID.

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